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Hydration & Food!

Most of us believe that only drinking maximum water is good to remain hydrated throughout the day but do we know that there are many foods for dehydration and we can consider eating more. In this article we will discuss about these vegetables.

A majority of vegetables with high water content can help you stay hydrated for longer periods. Being hydrated means your metabolism is good and your body actively flushing out toxins, also we remain active and alert. You can add more vegetables to your diet in the form of Salads. Use curd and spices as dressing for testier salad. Also a bowl of boiled vegetables as a part of meal is also good option.

Vegetables also make excellent snacks. Vegetables sandwich with whole wheat bread can be a good snack. These Vegetables are also highly rich in other nutrients that gives MICRO and MACRO nutrient balance to diet. Consuming more vegetables is related to controlled blood pressure, LIPID Profile and blood sugar levels. They also keep your stomach full for longer time and helps in avoiding eating at irregular times.

Want to get fit, just try this healthy change in your diet. Moreover when you feel more energetic, exercising does not feel stressful or difficult. Let's see few examples of hydrating vegetables.


Cabbage water content is approximately 92% and provides Vitamin K and Fibre.


Carrot contains around 87% water and it is a rich source of Vitamin A and B6.


Good Source of Vitamin A and Protein an contains 90% water.


Spinach contains approx 92% water and it is very good source of Magnesium and Folate.


Radish contains 95% water and provides calcium and antioxidants in very good quantity.

Having these vegetables as salad (in snack time, during or before meal) can be helpful in keeping you hydrated and active.

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